A person dressed in white is performing a Shiatsu therapy session on a man lying on a blue mat. The therapist presses on the man's hips. In the background two other people lie on similar mats. The room has white and orange walls, white chairs and tiled floors.

ISD 4th edition – 9 June 2024

ISD Editor
April 9, 2024
estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Here we are at the 4th edition of the ISD with already a brief history of the previous events in News and a Archive gallery of the photos sent to us.

In 2023 the ISD has finally traveled beyond our national borders involving numerous and different realities in Europe, including the French Union of Shiatsu Professionals. Since a few years FES (European Shiatsu Federation) promotes June as the month of "Shiatsu without borders" SWBM (Shiatsu Without Borders Month); the fact of having a date dedicated to Shiatsu in the same month has certainly strengthened the message and the ability to spread our discipline on multiple levels.

In the last edition we focused on “Being Shiatsu” and embody our passion and profession in any related activity
This year we want to make that heard Shiatsu can be an instrument of Union and Peace: when Uke and Tori meet on the futon there are no separations of language, religion, nationality, gender, skin color or anything else!

How to participate

For your convenience, below are the instructions for participating:

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter by sending your email
  2. Download the ISD logo and upload it on your website/profile, stories or depliant
  3. Post any contribution (a photo, a sentence, a short video) of the activity you organized with the hashtag #internationalshiatsuday. It is a way to give greater visibility to our profession, informing that the people of Shiatsu have a large number of professionals who can be trusted to recover resources and vitality.
  4. If you like, you can send multimedial material of your ISD event to be published on this website or to be integrated in the ISD communications.

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