International Shiatsu Day

Let's celebrate Shiatsu without borders together

We want to create a sharing environment

ISD is a moment in which the different souls of the practice come together to act no longer as individuals but as elements of a great heart, the heart of Shiatsu.

We want to promote Shiatsu

ISD is a collective act to raise awareness among institutions and public opinion on the values, benefits and usefulness of Shiatsu for a better quality of life.

ISD beyond barriers

ISD is a symbolic day beyond the styles, the currents, the acronyms to say Shiatsu in all the languages of the world.

What is ISD?

International Shiatsu Day was held for the first time on Sunday 13 June 2021, and will be held in its 4th edition on Sunday 9th June 2024. The day is open to any initiative regarding Shiatsu and can be carried out by anyone: organisations, associations, schools, groups, individuals and private individuals. A collective moment to express and promote, each in his own way and with his own sensitivity, the values and benefits of this discipline, creating creative events to bring it among the people.The initiative is apolitical and non-partisan and goes beyond any acronym or style: there are no boundaries when it comes to vitality. By meeting in Shiatsu you can share paths and values that cancel out any distance and difference. Those who wish to participate are invited to activate, on the day in question, events in person in their area by independently choosing the type of proposal, duration and modality (conferences, demonstrations of practice, lessons, treatments...) Apart from the mere practical organization (which everyone can regulate based on one's possibilities) there are no costs to bear or earnings to hypothesize: the spirit of the initiative is the end and means of the union on this symbolic day, which will take place autonomously in each country and reality, with methods that comply with the laws and regulations in force in each State or Municipality.


  1. Download the ISD logo and upload it on your website/profile, stories or depliant
  2. Post any contribution (a photo, a sentence, a short video) of the activity you organized with the hashtag # international shiatsuday. It is a way to give greater visibility to our profession, to inform that the Shiatsu population includes a large number of professionals who can be relied on to recover resources and vitality.
  3. If you like, you can send multimedial material of your ISD event to be published on this website or to be integrated in the ISD communications.

Statement of intent of the International Shiatsu Day

This manifesto is an invitation to take part as a protagonist in a collective event that aims to have the greatest possible resonance: a symbolic day to unite and say Shiatsu 'in all the languages of the world'. The initiative started from a large number of subjects who proposed to create an event without economic or political interests, which involves all Shiatsu operators and overcomes barriers, distances and differences. A moment in which the different souls of the practice come together to act no longer as individuals, but as elements of a great heart, the heart of Shiatsu.

This is how we imagine this day. Beyond styles. Beyond currents, fashions, acronyms. A wave of vital movement that involves all those (bodies, associations, schools, groups, private individuals) who have encountered Shiatsu, love it, practice it, teach it, receive it.

It is no coincidence that the proposal has found maximum impetus in the particular moment that the whole world is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Together we can give a signal of trust to an afflicted and fearful society. It will only be thanks to everyone's commitment that this occasion of the International Day will have global resonance. We can all perceive how necessary it is to constantly work to ensure that people and society can live in balance and harmony and we practitioners firmly believe that Shiatsu helps in this. Everyone, as a unique actor in their role and in the context in which they live, can do their part to convey the initiative in their community, group, workplace.

We cannot do all this as individuals. an old Japanese proverb says that "a fly, if attached to the tail of a horse, can travel tens of miles". Each of us can do the same. We have a magnificent horse that is Shiatsu, let's start racing.

Our aim is to create a group action that will express itself within individual and creative events in the most widespread way possible to raise awareness of institutions and public opinion on values, benefits and usefulness of Shiatsu practice, also in support of emotional stress related to Covid-19 and in favor of the quality of life necessary to create and maintain conditions of immune and psychophysical well-being.
We kindly ask you to send your materials about ISD to be used in the website or on social communication. Here is how you can do:
  1. Go into this page Ask for registration fill in form to request to be registered.
  2. Once your registration is approved (by receiving a mail) you can come back to this page Send picture material and follow the istructions.

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