Sign with the inscription International Shiatsu Day posted at the entrance of a public park with the ISD logo and the patronage of the municipality of Allerona and Apos

This year it will finally be possible to build the second ISD as it was originally designed; the restrictions due to the pandemic are gradually easing and we will be able to meet in person to "celebrate" the Art of shiatsu, in the way that everyone deems most useful and representative. To get a trace of the initiative, follow the instructions below.

What is Shiatsu for you?

Reply on June 12 by posting a photo, a sentence, a short video with the hashtag: #internationalshiatsuday One way to give visibility to our profession, to make it known more and more that the people of Shiatsu have a large number of professionals who can be trusted to recover resources!

To partecipate. Memorandum:

  • post any contribution (a photo, a sentence, a short video) that answers the question What is Shiatsu for you? with the hashtag #internationalshiatsuday
  • download the International Shiatsu Day logo and post it on your site/profile

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