A person receiving Shiatsu therapy. The practitioner's hand rests delicately on the belly of the patient who is wearing a white shirt and gray trousers. The background is slightly blurred, focusing attention on the hand and belly, creating a calm and therapeutic atmosphere.

ISD was supposed to be a day of events around the world. However, given the difficulty of launching face-to-face initiatives due to the pandemic, it was decided not to cancel the proposal, but to implement it virtually: talking about Shiatsu on the web.

What is Shiatsu for you?

Reply on June 13 by posting a photo, a sentence, a short video with the hashtag: #internationalshiatsuday One way to give visibility to our profession, to make it known more and more that the people of Shiatsu have a large number of professionals who can be trusted to recover resources! Appointment then on 13 June online with this virtual flash mob, for an International Shiatsu Day that is more social than ever, despite everything.

To partecipate. Memorandum:

  • post any contribution (a photo, a sentence, a short video) that answers the question What is Shiatsu for you? with the hashtag #internationalshiatsuday 
  • download the International Shiatsu Day logo and post it on your website/profile or simply put the ISD frame on your Facebook page

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