Large white gazebo in a park with three occupied treatment stations on the ground: on the left, treatment of the thigh with the elbow, on the right, treatment of the ankle and in the last station, behind the others, treatment of the abdomen.

ISD Announcement Third Edition

ISD Editor
April 23, 2023
estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The first ISD on June 13, 2021 was a real gamble!

With much of the world still in a climate of restrictions due to the pandemic, we have nevertheless decided to launch the online event, a sort of flash mob on social networks, where we asked to answer the question “What is Shiatsu for you?” with a sentence, an image, a comment that could bounce over and over again, creating a wave and generating curiosity.

The answers were many, sincere and touching; users who use shiatsu regularly, as well as people who have just met it, occasional practitioners as well as professionals have shared their experiences regarding our discipline talking about welcoming, listening, integration, evolution.

Albeit timidly the stone had been thrown!

In the second edition of 12th June 2022, finally out of the limitations of previous years, there was a flourishing of small and large initiatives in attendance: in association offices, private studios, public parks or institutional places, the "people of Shiatsu" have contributed to spreading this discipline with lessons, treatment offers, conferences or photographic exhibitions; some of these testimonials have been collected in a dedicated section of the new site

The 3rd edition is scheduled for Sunday 11th June and we hope that this time the "Wave Shiatsu" will be even wider and more engaging and go well beyond the Italian and European borders.

The proposal is to organize any activity related to the discipline during the day, spread, talk, practice and "Be Shiatsu" in 24 hours!

In this regard, we invite you to visit the site, follow the simple instructions to join the initiative and leave a trace of your participation.

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